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Healthy?  Learn how to lose FAT and not just weight

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Are you healthy and just looking to lose fat?  I am not just talking about losing weight, but LOSING FAT!!

What can you do to burn fat, and how can the Synergy V3 Products help you achieve true FAT LOSS!

Many people will tell you to go on this diet or that diet, and yes it does mean making changes in your eating habits, but it WILL be well worth it.  Take this 30 day challenge to see what kind of results you will get, and if you want to see big results take this challenge for 90 days and you will see how your body changes......It does take commitment to YOURSELF and for YOURSELF, but if you stick with this, even for the 30 day challenge, you will see results.   So here it is:

1.)  Change the water that you drink - remember that water is a transport system for the body, and most of the water that we drink is full of chemicals and toxins that our body doesn't recognize.  So your body converts it to estrogen, whose main function is to produce body fat.  So you need to flush your body of all these chemicals and toxins.  For 1 week drink DISTILLED water.  This will flush out toxins and chemicals and nutrients at the same time.  During this week, in order to take in extra nutrients take 2 servings of Core Greens (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).  You will need to make sure that you mix your Core Greens with distilled water.    After the first week, drink ONLY distilled water with ionic trace minerals (always at room temperature).  This source of water is true pure water but needs the trace minerals added.  Keep taking Core Greens at least once a day after the detox week. DO NOT drink distilled water without adding trace minerals for more than two weeks!!!! 

2.)  After the week of flushing your body of the chemicals and toxins, this is the exciting part, drink a serving of Proargi9 Plus 20 - 30 minutes before you work out (a 20 - 30 minute work-out regiment at least 3 times per week is recommended) and see the fat melt off (you will see results in 30 days, but see incredible results in 90 days), and one serving before bedtime.  Days that you don't work-out, take the Proargi9 Plus in the afternoon and at bedtime.  What happens is the Proargi9 Plus will increase blood circulation throughout your body and will clean out your arteries.  So you decrease your chance of cardiovascular disease along with the benefit of burning fat.  Add Germanium Plus to your daily protocol, this will enhance your fat burning ability because Germanium Plus will oxygenate your blood.  Oxygenated blood with increased circulation will MELT the fat off!   

3.)  Protect your blood cells from free radical damage and keep them healthy by taking Mistica twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Healthy blood cells, oxygenated blood, and increased circulation!

4.)  Finally, change the order in which you eat your food.  It is hard to deny yourself the foods you enjoy, so for starters change the order in which you eat them and GET RID OF ALL THE SODA!!  and Cut back on sweets.  As you flush the toxins from your body, your desire for sodas and sweets will diminish.  One of the best eating protocols and more information on eating food in the correct order to achieve fat loss is found at Faith and Fat loss.

These are four things that you can do to lose the body FAT that seems to stick with you no matter what work out you do.  Take the 30 or 90 day challenge and find out for yourself.

What you will need to be supplied with for each month:                 2 cans of Proargi9 Plus, 1 can of Core Greens, 2 bottles of Mistica, on bottle of Germanium Plus, one bottle of trace minerals, and room temperature distilled water.

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 Here is to your health.  If you take the Synergy V3 challenge, e-mail me at : and let me know the results that you get.  If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me or click on the "Let's talk" link to the left.

**Always consult a physician before starting any exercise routine.  I am a wellness experience coach not a practicing doctor and I do not give medical advice, only nutritional supplementation suggestions and how they work with and in your body.

Timothy Vigil, Wellness Experience Coach and Synergy WorldWide Independent Distributor